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Monkeys, the Intelligent Creatures

Monkeys are mammals that are usually found in forests and jungle, mostly in tropical rain forests. They are classified into two major groups, the New World primates (South and Central America) and the Old World primates (Asia and Africa). Old and New World monkeys both have forward-facing eyes. They also share some features such as types of noses, rumps and cheek. Their difference mainly lies, besides living on different continents, on the faces. They look very different.  Many are arboreal which is known as living in trees such as baboons and others live on the savanna. Monkeys usually have tails.
MonkeyThere are over 240 breeds of monkeys. Howler monkeys are said to be the loudest and also among the largest breed of monkeys being heard as far as ten miles away. They work in groups when they hunt for food.  There is a leader who gets the food and the others serve as guards. They love to eat fruit, especially bananas. They are sneaky and fond of stealing goods from tourists.
They have feelings like humans.In communicating with their fellow men, monkeys use different noises and facial expressions. Some people kept monkeys as pets. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They can be trained. In fact there are organizations that use monkeys as service animals for the disabled.
Some countries such as France and United States have used monkeys as part of their space exploration project. On June 14, 1949, the famous monkey Albert II was the first monkey in space who flew in the US-launched V-2 rocket. There are some religions which consider monkeys as a symbol of greed, trickery and ugliness. Some religious people however worship monkeys and some believed they bestow courage, strength and longevity to a person.
Monkeys were also used in laboratories. They were used primarily because of their fast reproductive cycle. The use of monkeys in laboratories became controversial and produced many protests and claims from animal rights activists.

Health Benefits of ginger

The benefits of ginger exceed most of the spices or herbs. In food preparation, it is very functional as well as used both in sweet and savory meals. This tends to help you to include it into the diet plan.
gingerModern scientific study has assessed the health benefits of this root spice depending on the organic chemical substances it includes. The study shows that ginger has some activity as anti-glycation, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.
Oxidation, Inflammation as well as extreme glycation are 3 of the sources of cellular-aging. Oxidation and inflammation initiate the creation of most cancers and cardiovascular disease. Substantial glycation is important for creating lines and wrinkles to Alzheimer.

Comparison of Ginger and other Medicine:

Inflammation is another reason behind ache in rheumatoid arthritis and lots of other difficulties. Anti-inflammatory medicines are frequently powerful; however they are not without having threats. The leading threat of medicines like ibuprofen would be to the liver organ. Liver organ damage might result
when these kind of anti-inflammatory medicines are taken regularly.
ginerLots of organic decongestants use ginger root, that can help to reduce the signs and symptoms of a number of respiratory issues, allergic reaction as well as colds. In addition to the previously discussed health benefits of ginger, the oil which comes from ginger herb is usually utilized for spa as it reduces and alleviates agonizing arthritis. It’s because the anti-inflammatory attributes of ginger root.
In conclusion, the health advantages of ginger root are actually all they are exaggerated to be a lot more than can be stated for most of the spices, it is a really multipurpose spice with regards to its therapeutic attributes as well as cooking uses. It will also help decrease thrombus and bad trans fat, the two contributing factors of cerebral vascular accidents as well as heart- attacks. Additionally, it can lessen inflammation and it is excellent at minimizing nausea or vomiting and health issues.

8 Shocking and Eye-opening Facts about Smoking

Believe it or  not smoking and use of tobacco is a curse, not only for the smoker but his family too. Smoking claims over 10,000 lives every hour round the world. Cigarette, Cigar, Water pipe(Hookah or Shisha) are some of the major forms of smoking.

Why is smoking dangerous?

facts about smoking
Image credit: Flickr hegarty_david
Cigarette, Cigar and all other forms of tobacco make the smoker addictive of tobacco and its very difficult to get rid of smoking once you are addicted to it. A cigarette or any form of tobacco has thousands of chemicals, poisons and side effects which we’ll explain below.

What’s in a Cigarette?

Some reports say there are about 4000 dangerous and harmful chemicals in a cigarette while according to wikipedia, there may be over 7000 chemicals in a cigarette. Majority of these chemicals are toxic and over 50 of them can cause cancer. Some major chemicals are given below:
Nicotine: Major cause of addiction towards smoking. Harmful to heart, and causes blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
Tar: Another harmful chemical which produces from a burning cigarette and it damages, lungs, teeth, gums and effects taste buds.
Carbon Monoxide: It is a toxic gas which can be harmful to humans when used in large amounts.
Urea: It is used to add some taste to the cigarette, but generally urea is one of the major components found in urine.
Lead: It is a toxic chemical and is used in construction materials, batteries and bullets. It can effect almost all the systems of human body.
Benzene, Chromium, Ammonia, Acrolein, hydrogen cyanide, sulphur dioxide, polonium and 70 other cancer causing chemicals are present in a cigarette.

8 shocking and eye-opening facts about smoking:

Image credit: Flickr HitnRunTony
  • There are over 1.22 billion smokers in the world which means about 16.5% the whole world population is addictive to smoking.
  • Sugar is one of the major components added in a cigarette; therefore for diabetic patients it is more dangerous and harmful than any other person.
  • Heart attack, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, strokes, high blood pressure and many other diseases are gifted by smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • There is enough amount of nicotine in 5 cigarettes to kill a human if it is chewed.
  • Smoking is not only harmful to smoker but to a second-hand smoker too as the smoke itself has more than 50 chemicals that causes cancer. A second-hand smoker can be your child, wife, brother or friend.
  • Many people says, only cigarette is the one which can cause damage to human body in different ways, but the fact is that pipe, waterpipe, cigars, hand-made roller are also harmful. Chewing Tobacco is another form of taking tobacco and is a major cause of mouth cancer.
  • Another bad aspect of smoking is bad breathe, pale fingers and teeth and a wrinkled face.
  • Tobacco Smoking is a gateway to other bad habits and drugs as majority of the  drugs are used through cigarettes.
We are hopeful that many of our readers and visitors will quit smoking after reading this post. Share the post with your loved ones too to keep them aware of its dangers.

Bank of Asia Tower – The Robot Building

Bank of Asia Tower a.k.a Robot Building
Image credit: Flickr quite peculiar

Name of the building: Bank of Asia Tower
Famous as: Robot Building
Location: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Designed by: Sumet Jumsai
Opened in: 1986
Height:83.20 meters
Floors: 20
Space covered: 23,506  square meters
Used as: Headquarters in Bangkok  for United Overseas Bank
Major materials used: Concrete
Bank official website:

5 quick facts about Robot Building:

  • The building was originally designed for the Bank of Asia. The Bank was later acquired by a Singaporean bank i.e.; United Overseas Bank in 2005.
  • Bangkok is the city of many remarkable buildings which not only attract tourists to Bangkok but the locals of Thailand praise them too. One of these coolest buildings is the Elephant Building which looks like n elephant.
  • The design was based on the idea of the directors who asked Sumet Jumsai to design such building which reflect modernization and computerization of banking. So, while he was working on the idea, he got inspired by his son’s toy robot and decided to design a building which looks like  robot.
  • To reflect the image of a robot, Sumet Jumsai has also added eyes, antennas and receding walls. All these robotics appearances have practical functions too.
  • The Robot Building has several awards and achievements. It was selected as one of the 50 seminal buildings (The inspirational building). Sumet Jumsai was first Thai to get Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for his unique and creative design.