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Biology Objective General Knowledge-2

Q.Sandalwood tree is considered a:
 1partial root parasite
 2stem parasite
 3total stem parasite
 4total root parasite
  Ans: 1
Q.A bee-sting leaves an acid which causes pain and irritation. The injected acid is:
 1acetic acid
 2methanoic acid
 3sulfuric acid
 4citric acid
  Ans: 2
Q.Human stomach produces acid 'X' which helps in digestion of food. Acid 'X' is:
 1hydrochloric acid
 2acetic acid
 3methanoic acid
 4citric acid
  Ans: 1
Q.A body initially at rest is acted upon by a constant force. The rate of change of its kinetic energy varies:
 1linearly with square of time
 2linearly with square root of time
 3linearly with time
 4inversely with time
  Ans: 1
Q.Which of the following pairs has open type of circulatory system?
 1Cockroach and Silverfish
 2Earthworm and Leech
 3Man and Whale
 4Tadpole larva and fish
  Ans: 1
Q.The abnormal constituent of urine is:
  Ans: 1
Q.Tuberculosis infection is by means of:
 1Mycobacterium avonin
 3Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  Ans: 3
Q.The element which is required by the plant in large quantity:
  Ans: 4
Q.Which one of the following gives energy to our body?
  Ans: 3
Q.Dumping of solid waste in low-lying areas earth cover is called as:
 2Sanitary landfilling
 3Open dumping
  Ans: 2
Q.Yellow Fever is transmitted by
  Ans: 4
Q.First successful heart transplantation was done by
 1C.N. Barnard
 2D.S. Paintal
 3D. Shetty
 4P.K. Sen
  Ans: 1
Q.Deficiency of Vitamin B6 in man causes
  Ans: 1
Q.The vaccination against small pox involves the introduction of
 1killed germs
 2live antibodies
 3activated germs
 4weakened germs
  Ans: 4
Q.Jaundice is a symptom of disease of
  Ans: 1
Q.In which of the following groups, animals bear no teeth?
 1Alligator, Turtle, Crow
 2Peacock, Ostrich, Tortoise
 3Owl, Loris, Crow
 4Turtle, Kiwi, Cow
  Ans: 1
Q.Which one among the following Indian scientists proposed a theory for long distance transport of water in plants?
 1J.C. Bose
 2Birbal Sahni
 3P. Maheshwari
 4N.S. Parihar
  Ans: 1
Q.Which one among the following statements regarding cell is not correct?
 1same type of cells are present in all body tissues
 2shape and size of cells are related to specific function
 3some cells have changing shapes
 4each cell has its own capacity to perform
  Ans: 1
Q.An individual whose blood type is B may in an emergency donate blood to a person whose blood type is:
 1B or A
 2AB or B
 3AB or A
 4A or O
  Ans: 2
Q.Which one among the following statements about stomach is not correct?
 1stomach secretes lipase and amylase in gastric juice
 2stomach acts as a temporary reservoir
 3stomach mixes food with gastric juice
 4rate of stomach emptying depends on the type of food
  Ans: 1
Q.There is a need to keep larger under forests for:
 1geological balance
 2absorption of carbon dioxide
 3protecting wildlife
 4raising precipitation
  Ans: 2
Q.In plants water is absorbed by the root hairs by a process called:
  Ans: 3
Q.The disease that is caused by virus is:
 1Common cold
  Ans: 1
Q.High levels of uric acid in the blood is characteristics of
 4Rheumatic heart
  Ans: 2
Q.HCI is secreted by
 1Zymogen cells
 2Peptic cells
 3Oxyntic cells
 4None of these
  Ans: 3
Q.Following are the characteristics of genetic code
 1it is triplet
 2it is universal
 3it is non overlapping
 4it is ambiguous
  Ans: 1
Q.Epiphyte plants are those
 1that cling to other plants and take nutrition from them
 2that cling to other plants but do not take nutrition from them
 3that are adapted to grow on dry places
 4none of these
  Ans: 3
Q.Energy pyramids of an ecosystem tend to diminish at higher trophic levels. This is because at each successive level
 1there is an increase in body activity
 2a hormone is released by the pituitary gland
 3there is low blood glucose
 4there is high blood glucose
  Ans: 4
Q.Endospermic seeds are found in
 1Carica papaya
 2Dolichos lablab
 4Pisum sativum
  Ans: 1
Q.Endocytosis is a process whereby a cell
 1Digests itself
 2Engulfs and internalizes material using its membrane
 3Identifies other cells within its immediate
 4Enables the extracellular digestion of large molecules
  Ans: 2
Q.Milk fever in cow is caused due to the deficiency of -
  Ans: 2
Q.Self pollination refers to -
  Ans: 4
Q.Milk Sugar is -
  Ans: 1
Q.Which of the following is glyceride?
 2Essential oil
 3Kerosine oil
 4Coconut oil
  Ans: 1
Q.Ricket disease occurs due to the deficiency of--
 1Vitamin D
 2Vitamin A
 3Vitamin C
 4Vitamin E
  Ans: 1
Q.A man with colour blindness will see red as
  Ans: 1
Q.Match List I with List II and give the correct answer from the code given below: List I List II (Discoverer) (Discoveries) p. Jenner 1. blood grouping q. Watson 2. penicillin r. Landsteiner 3. vaccination s. Flemming 4. double helix
 1p-3, q-1, r-2, s-4
 2p-3, q-4, r-2, s-1
 3p-3, q-4, r-1, s-2
 4p-3, q-2, r-4, s-1
  Ans: 3
Q.Pasteurisation is the process in which milk is heated to
 160°C for 10 minutes
 263°C for 20 minutes
 372°C for 10 minutes
 463°C for 30 minutes
  Ans: 4
Q.Washing of peeled vegetables removes the vitamin
  Ans: 1
Q.Which one of the following is a major green house gas?
 2Carbon dioxide
 3Chloro fluorocarbon
 4Carbon monoxide
  Ans: 2
Q.The gastric glands in the stomach produce an enzyme--
  Ans: 2
Q.Which of the following is an unmatching group?
 1Whale, lizard and frog
 2Cockroach, crab and spider
 3Star fish, sea urchin and sea
 4Cray fish, cuttle fish and hag fish
  Ans: 4
Q.The number of amino acids occurring in nature is--
  Ans: 4
Q.Nerve cells originate from the embryonic -
 4Both endo and mesoderm
  Ans: 1
Q.Name one rootless plant -
  Ans: 3
Q.Which one of the following is an endemic plant?
 1Quercus Incana
 2Eleusine Coracana
 3Kydia Calycina
 4Phoenix Paludosa
  Ans: 1
Q.Vinegar contains,.... per cent acetic acid.

 Ans: 3

Endoplasmic reticulum is present in--
 4All of these
  Ans: 2
Q.Animal meat is a good source of--
  Ans: 1
Q.A healthy adult man should take daily CHO in his diet--
 1400-500 gram
 2700-900 gram
 3100-200 gram
 4None of these
  Ans: 1
Q.Bacteria can live in cold climate for
 1Few years
 21000 years
 32000 years
 4many years
  Ans: 4
Q.Bacteria and fungi developing on dead decaying organisms are
  Ans: 3
Q.B.C.G. vaccine is used against
 3Food poisoning
 4None of these
  Ans: 1
Q.Auxin causes a plant shoot to bend toward light by causing cells
 1to grow less rapidly on the light side of the shoot
 2to grow more rapidly on the light side of the shoot
 3in the centre of the shoot to differentiate unevenly
 4to grow more rapidly on the dark side of the shoot
  Ans: 4
Q.Autopsy is connected with
 1Post mortem
 2Study of living cells
 4None of these
  Ans: 1
Q.Atmospheric nitrogen in soil is fixed by
  Ans: 2
Q.Artificial light can
 1Destroy chlorophyll
 2Synthesise chlorophyll
 3Bring about photosysnthesis
 4Not bring about photosysthesis
  Ans: 3
Q.Araucaria or christmas tree, a common and beautiful vascular plant of gardens, is a variety of
  Ans: 2
Q.Aquatic plants with floating leaves
 1do not have stomata
 2have stomata on both surface
 3have stomata on lower surface
 4have stomata only on upper surface
  Ans: 4
Q.Antobodies that participate in the defense mechanisms of our body are
  Ans: 1

Q.An ecosystem has two components namely
 1Weeds and Trees
 2Biotic and Abiotic
 3Frogs and men
 4Plants and animals
  Ans: 2
Q.An antibiotic used for treating tuberculosis is
  Ans: 3
Q.All germ cells or reproductive cells divide by the process of
 3Both mitosis and meiosis
 4Neither mitosis nor meiosis
  Ans: 2
Q.Algae often float on surface of water during the day but sink down during the night due to
 1evolution and trapping of oxygen bubbles during the day in their photosynthesis
 2becoming light as they consume most of their food in the night
 3warming action of sun during the day
 4release of absorbed air by warming of water
  Ans: 1

Q.A simple sequence in which the grass grows, a cow eats the grass, a human eats the cow, or drinks its milk, is an example of a
 1Food chain
 2Food web
 3Food cycle
  Ans: 1
Q.Bile is produced by —
 3Salivary gland
  Ans: 1
Q.Quinine is a ..... resource.
 4None of the above
  Ans: 3
Q.Yellow sport occur in -
  Ans: 1
Q.Which one is correctly matched?
 1Vitamin E-Pellagra
 2Vitamin C-Scurvey
 3Vitamin A—Beri Beri
 4Vitamin D-Anaemia
  Ans: 2
Q.Loss of memory is caused by the destruction of—
  Ans: 2
Q.Essential constituent of plant cell is the carbohydrate -
  Ans: 2
Q.Which pollutant of the atmosphere inhibits the Hill reaction of photosynthesis?
 1Per acetyl nitrate
 2Ultra violet rays
 3Hydro carbon
 4Nitrogen monoxide
  Ans: 2
Q.Kranz anatomy states that, plant has -
 1C4 cycle
 2C2 cycle
 3C3 cycle
 4Both C3 and C4 cycle
  Ans: 1
Q.Lowest rate of photosynthesis takes place in -
 1Orange light
 2Red light
 3Green light
 4Blue light
  Ans: 3
Q.Which of the following is a terrestrial algae?
  Ans: 2
Q.A serious viral infection is transmitted from many wild and domesticated animals, including dogs, to man. The disease is known as
  Ans: 4
Q.A main function of the autonomic nervous system, which consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions, is to
 1act as an inhibitory system for skeletal muscle
 2control the activity of a variety of secretory cells throughout the body
 3communicate between the two halves of the brain
 4control involuntary reflexes such as the knee-jerk response
  Ans: 2
Q.A herbarium is
 1a collection of herbs in dried form
 2a garden with a varied collection of herbs
 3a garden with a collection of medical herbs
 4a centre for the preservation of dried specimens of plants
  Ans: 4
Q.A dog can smell a breeding bitch from almost one kilometer. This is due to the
 1release of sex pheromones by the bitch during breeding
 2season release of some chemicals by both the dog and bitch during breeding season
 3special type of barking by the bitch during breeding season
 4none of the above characterstics
  Ans: 1
Q.The contractile proteins in a muscle are
 1Myosin and Troponin
 2Actin and Myosin
 3Actin and Tropomyosin
 4Troponin and Tropomyosin
  Ans: 2
Q.Hypertension is the term used for
 1decrease in heart rate
 2decrease in blood pressure
 3increase in blood pressure
 4increase in heart rate
  Ans: 3
Q.From the bark of which plant is quinine extracted?
  Ans: 4
Q.'Biosphere Reserve Project' is aimed at protecting
 2Cattle population
 3Flora and Fauna
 4Human beings from pollution
  Ans: 3
Q.'Palak leaves' are rich in
 2Vitamin A
  Ans: 1
Q.Malaria is a disease which affects
  Ans: 3
Q.Pepsin, a digestive enzyme, is produced in the
 4Small intestine
  Ans: 3
Q.Leukaemia is a type of cancer in which there is an abnormal increase in the number of
 1Bone cells
 2Red blood cells
 4White blood cells
  Ans: 4
Q.Red blood corpuscles have life of —
 13-4 days
 24 weeks
 34 months
 412 months
  Ans: 3
Q.Disease associated with secretion of toxin is
 3Food Poisoning
  Ans: 1
Q.Dicot root having more than six vascular bundles is
  Ans: 1
Q.Development of fruit without fertilization is
  Ans: 3
Q.Despite the application of scientific method, and equal efforts by thousands of eminent scientists, with the best available techniques and tools, which of the following still remains a challenge?
  Ans: 3
Q.Cell wall of chloroplast is removed, the remaining is called
  Ans: 4
Q.Cell recognition and adhesion occur due to biochemicals of cell membrane named
 3Proteins and lipids
 4Glycoproteins and Glycolipids
  Ans: 4
Q.Carbon dioxide is called a "GREEN HOUSE" gas because
 1its concentration is always high in greenhouses
 2it is involved in photosynthesis
 3it absorbs infra-red radiation
 4it emits visible radiation (i.e.,light)
  Ans: 3
Q.Bronchitis is a disease of which of the following organs ?
 4Respiratory tract
  Ans: 4
Q.Biopsy is done on
 1Tissues taken from a dead body
 2Tissues taken from a living body
 3Blood from veins
 4Blood from arteries
  Ans: 2
Q.Bacteria having flagella all over the body are called
  Ans: 3

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