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Q.Which technology is used in Compact disks ?
 3Electro Magnetic
  Ans: 4
Q.Which of the following devices have a limitation that we can only information to it but cannot erase it--
 1Floppy Disk
 2Hard Disk
 3Tape Drive
  Ans: 4
Q.EPROM can be used for ---
 1Erasing the contents of ROM
 2Reconstructing the contents of ROM
 3Erasing and reconstructing the contents of ROM
 4Duplicating ROM
  Ans: 3
Q.Primary memory stores ---
 1Data alone
 2Programs alone
 3Results alone
 4All of these
  Ans: 4
Q.Memory is made up of --
 1Set of wires
 2Set of circuits
 3Large number of cells
 4All of these
  Ans: 4
Q.Which of the following is not a valid size of a FLOPPY DISK?
  Ans: 2
Q.Which of the following is not a valid capacity of a floppy disk ?
  Ans: 3
Q.Which of the following device can store large amounts of data?
 1Floppy Disk
 2Hard Disk
 4Zip Disk
  Ans: 2
Q.Algorithm and Flow chart help us to---
 1Know the memory Capacity
 2Identify the base of a number system
 3Direct the output to a printer
 4Specify the problem completely and clearly
  Ans: 4
Q.The contents of information are stored in ---
 1Memory data register
 2Memory address register
 3Memory access register
 4Memory arithmetic register
  Ans: 1

Q.The primary purpose of an operating system is....
 1To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware
 2To allow people to use the computer
 3To keep systems programmers employed
 4To make computers easier to use
  Ans: 1
Q............. runs on computer hardware and serve as platform for other software's to run on
 1Operting System
 2Application Software
 3System Software
  Ans: 1
Q.Integrated circuits contained
 110 to 20 components
 220 to 30 components
 325 to 25 components
 435 to 25 components
  Ans: 1
Q.How many vaccum tubes was used in first analytical engine-
  Ans: 1
 1Electronic Detected Variable Automatic Computer
 2Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
 3Electronic Discrete Valuable Automatic Computer
 4Electronic Developed Valuable Automatic Computer
  Ans: 2
Q.ENIAC was the computer of-
 1Storage program concept
 2Processing concept
 3Electronic change concept
  Ans: 1
Q.IC chips was used in-
 1First generation
 2Second generation
 3Third Generation
 4Fourth generation
  Ans: 3
Q.VLIC (Very Large Integration Circuit) technology was used in which generation ?
 1First generation
 2Second generation
 3Third generation
 4Fourth generation
  Ans: 4
Q.Which electronic component was use in first generation?
 1Vacuum tubes
 3IC chips
 4all above
  Ans: 1

Q.Assembly Language-
 1uses alphabetic codes in place of binary numbers used in machine language
 2is the easiest language to write programs
 3need not be translated into machine language
 4none of these
  Ans: 1
Q.Machine Language-
 1is the language in which programs were first written
 2is the only language understood by the computer
 3Differs from one type of computer to another
 4All of these
  Ans: 4
Q.Computer software includes___
 1Application programs
 2Operating system programs
 3Packaged programs
 4All of these
  Ans: 4
Q.Which of the following companies is a leader in manufacture of Hard Disk Drives?
  Ans: 4
Q.Floppy Disk Drives were originally designed by-
  Ans: 2
Q.Floppy Disk Drives were first introduced by which of the following computer manufacturers ?
  Ans: 1
Q.Computers built before the first Generation of computers were
 4None of these
  Ans: 2
Q.Punched cards were first introduced by-
 4Herman Hollerith
  Ans: 4
Q.The man who built the first Mechanical Calculator was-
 1Joseph Marie Jacquard
 2John Mauchly
 3Blaise Pascal
 4Hardward Ailken
  Ans: 3
Q.The earliest calculating devices are-
 3Difference Engine
 4None of these
  Ans: 1
Q.When you purchase a product over a Mobile Phone, the transaction is called-
 1Web Commerce
 4Mobile purchases
  Ans: 3
Q.Which of the following cables can transmit data at high speeds-
 1Coaxial Cable
 2Optic fibre Cable
 3Twistedpair Cable
 4UTP Cable
  Ans: 2
Q.What is the other name for LAN Card ?
 2Network Connector
 4Internet Card
  Ans: 1
Q.Which of the following is not a logic gate ?
  Ans: 4
Q.What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called?
 1System Address
 3Process ID
 4IP Address
  Ans: 4
Q.Which of the following organisations looks at standard for representation of data on the internet ?
  Ans: 2
Q.The basic operations performed by a computers are-
 1Arithmetic Operation
 2Logical Opertaion
 3Storage and Relative
 4All the above
  Ans: 4
Q.What is the name of the software that allows us to browse through web pages called ?
 2Mail Client
 3FTP Client
  Ans: 1
Q.Who is the founder of Oracle Corporation ?
 1Bill Gates
 2Lawrence J. Ellison
 3Andrew S Grove
 4Marc Anderson
  Ans: 2

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Unknown said...

Q. Which of the following is not a valid size of a FLOPPY DISK?
1 8"
2 5 1/4"
3 3 1/2"
4 5 1/2"
Ans: 2

But the answer is 4