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Bank of Asia Tower – The Robot Building

Bank of Asia Tower a.k.a Robot Building
Image credit: Flickr quite peculiar

Name of the building: Bank of Asia Tower
Famous as: Robot Building
Location: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Designed by: Sumet Jumsai
Opened in: 1986
Height:83.20 meters
Floors: 20
Space covered: 23,506  square meters
Used as: Headquarters in Bangkok  for United Overseas Bank
Major materials used: Concrete
Bank official website:

5 quick facts about Robot Building:

  • The building was originally designed for the Bank of Asia. The Bank was later acquired by a Singaporean bank i.e.; United Overseas Bank in 2005.
  • Bangkok is the city of many remarkable buildings which not only attract tourists to Bangkok but the locals of Thailand praise them too. One of these coolest buildings is the Elephant Building which looks like n elephant.
  • The design was based on the idea of the directors who asked Sumet Jumsai to design such building which reflect modernization and computerization of banking. So, while he was working on the idea, he got inspired by his son’s toy robot and decided to design a building which looks like  robot.
  • To reflect the image of a robot, Sumet Jumsai has also added eyes, antennas and receding walls. All these robotics appearances have practical functions too.
  • The Robot Building has several awards and achievements. It was selected as one of the 50 seminal buildings (The inspirational building). Sumet Jumsai was first Thai to get Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for his unique and creative design.

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